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Some group reporting systems are like a dead fish when closing the books…

…and then
there’s AARO.

Your complete solution for group
accounting, reporting and analysis.

30 years in the business. Trusted by over 200 corporate groups world wide.

Some group accounting systems are like dealing with a bunch of kittens when you analyze the data - they look promising, but everything still becomes a mess.

AARO helps you

Save time

Save time

AARO will win you days in the closing process, which you can devote to analysis and follow-up instead.

Be accurate

Be accurate

With AARO, your internal and external data will always match. As soon as someone in the group adds data, it will be reflected everywhere in the system.

Stay flexible

Stay flexible

You can easily adapt AARO to fit your needs and monitor any parameters you want, without having to rely on consultants.

What our clients are saying

“The reason we went from Excel to AARO was a security perspective. Then, it is also a good reporting tool, and you have all the data gathered in one place. What I like about AARO is that the report generator is very good. Very powerful.“

Claes Libell,
Group Financial Controller,

“We appreciate the user-friendliness of AARO, and that it is easy to administrate, change and complement the system. The system lives up to all the expectations we had before purchasing.”

Roger Edbom,
Head of Accounting & Tax,
Clas Ohlson

“What I find most useful for our part is drilldown, legal consolidation, and the retrieve function. Drilldown greatly simplifies the accounting process. And it feels safe when working with eliminations, and when to get the reconciliation to add up.”

Emma Spetz,
Financial Controller,

Don’t you want to make your group
accounting easier as well?

Smart CPM processes

AARO supports all central smart CPM* processes

  • Group reporting and group accounting
  • Financial control and analysis
  • Simulations and recalculations
  • With planning, budgeting, forecasting and functionality

*Corporate Performance Management

AARO gives you a full overview of
operations – here’s how it works

User friendly
AARO is friendly to all users, from the highest strategic to the lowest operational level. Our aim is to make group accounting as easy as possible. Aaro Systems also offer a number of services to support your day-to-day work, such as training and ongoing system support.

As an administrator, you can easily change the structure of the system, and choose exactly what parameters you want to monitor and generate reports for. From products, customers and markets, to volumes, human resource, statistics, and environmental information.

Integrates with external sources
Do the companies within your group use different reporting solutions? No problem. AARO can read everything from SQL databases to XML files, making it easy to integrate with external sources. (So yes, you can continue to input your data in Excel, if that’s what you prefer.)

All data in one place
Since AARO stores all data in one place, your internal and external reports will always match. Unlike its competitors, AARO can consolidate enormous quantities of data in realtime. So even if someone adds something last-minute, you will see it immediately, and the data will be included in your reports.

Suits everyone
AARO is designed to meet the complex reporting and follow-up requirements faced by corporate groups today. It is flexible and suitable for all types of business.

Quick and easy implementation
When you first buy AARO you get the AARO base package, our standard configuration, which can be installed and used immediately. It is then adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of your company. The implementation is done by our knowledgeable and experienced consultants.

Need more detailed information?

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Our story

Aaro Systems is a Swedish company that has been making AARO group reporting software for over 30 years. We merge expertise in technology with in-depth understanding of group reporting and consolidation.

Our clients span many different industries, ranging from multinationals with thousands of users, to smaller groups with a handful of reporting units. On the Stockholm OMX Large Cap list, over 25 percent are AARO users.

Our story